About Us

        The original site for the allotments was on the south side of Scholes Street where the houses are now and these are clearly show on a map of the area in 1910. In 1917 a Bury Allotment and Horticultural Society was formed and met at the Textile Hall next to the Library. The minutes of the society show that they put pressure on the Council to provide land for allotments. This pressure and the introduction of The Settlement Act of 1919 which urged Councils to purchase land for allotments for the use of ex service personnel following W.W.1. eventually resulted for the following minute to be recorded in the Corporation Minute Book No. 3 Allotments Etc Page 42, dated 12th of October 1920.

     That the Corporation rent from Lord Derby’s Agent a plot of land, four and a half acres in extent, situate at Diggle Lane Elton at the rate of 2 per acre for the St.Stephen’s Allotment Holders Association and others. We have found little detailed information from this date until the present time but it is felt that further clues may be available by sifting through church archives.

            The Allotments are a statutory site which means that the disposal of which for purposes other than allotments would have to have ministerial and may have to have parliamentary approval.

            The site is situated in a valley that ran from Ainsworth through Walshaw and Elton to the river Irwell and has a stream running through and many lodges (some silted up) that provided resources for industry in the past. At some time the stream was culvert from Newbold Street to the Irwell and some 40/50 years ago the valley to the right of Newbold Street was filled in and  playing fields created.

            In the 1980’s some of the land to the left of Newbold Street was Culvert and the area filled in to provide a car park and  a road “Elton Brook Close”  to  provide access for the houses. In 2003/2004 we became a self managed site and through the support of the Council and grants we have made many improvements detailed in a series of photographs. Now that we have toilet facilities, a poly tunnel and a fully fitted site office we are able to open the facilities for groups such as Schools, Health rehabilitation, Disabled Groups and other groups as yet not contacted.

   At the present time we are trying to generate interest to redevelop the remaining land to provide additional allotments, wildlife habitats, pond, public access etc and whatever the general public and neighboring housing wishes. To facilitate this the site is open to view on any Sunday between 10-30 am to12-30pm.  The shop is open  to purchase composts, fertilizers etc from our shop at competitive prices.

Diggle Lane